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Another project from last fall: Crocheted and knitted animals

Just as many others I have jumped on to the crocheted animal trend, some call that Amigurumi. Other than that, I also made sheep for the Christmas market, they were although put together of different knitted parts. Here are the frogs and the sheep:

Amigurumi frog, green
After my daughters request, a frog in pink
for the Christmas market: the sheep for the crib under the tree. I sold about 10 of those at the market!




Crocheted oven cloths

These oven cloths are indeed very old fashioned, but the crocheted ones are still the best kind. They actually work and with todays colors you can make them look modern or use funky colors to give them a vintage like look. My daughter actually prefers the bright orange, blue and pink ones, they look kinda straight out the seventies.



Emerald infinity scarf / Loop scarf with braid pattern

Hello everbody!

I’m back to show you one of my new projects, the loop scarfs with these pretty braid patterns.

I made a couple of them with different types of yarn and colors. This is just my latest one, my husband took this lovely picture when we went shopping together the other day. He said the color of my scarf and hat were so beautiful with the oranges in the background.

How do you like it?

Monika with new loop scarf and hat and oranges :-)
Monika with new loop scarf and hat and oranges 🙂

Crocheted flower bookmarks

I got one of these as a gift and decided to make some myself! My daughter is currently reading “The Neverending Story” (“Die unendliche Geschichte” by Michael Ende) and she requested one of these pretty flower bookmarks.




I also used the flowers as shoelaces for some of my latest baby shoes that you can find in an earlier post on July 31st.