Monthly Archives: April 2015

Another project from last fall: Crocheted and knitted animals

Just as many others I have jumped on to the crocheted animal trend, some call that Amigurumi. Other than that, I also made sheep for the Christmas market, they were although put together of different knitted parts. Here are the frogs and the sheep:

Amigurumi frog, green
After my daughters request, a frog in pink
for the Christmas market: the sheep for the crib under the tree. I sold about 10 of those at the market!




The new project this spring: Clothing for my dolls

When I was a child I received my doll Brigittli from my godfather. Playing with her was my favorite thing, and sometimes my grandfather took me to town to buy it new clothes. Grandfather even made me a little wooden closet for all of the clothes, which became more and more as I also got another doll, Priska, from my mother later. Being a grown up, it’s always been important to me to still treat my dolls like I did. Even if my daughter wasn’t exactly the type that played with dolls, I still kept making them clothes, both sewing and knitting. This year I decided to make them a whole new bunch of fashion. Here’s what I’ve made so far:


Bild 5
These are my dolls Priska and Brigittli, left to right. They’re wearing the orange ensemble, the sweaters are in a Norwegian pattern called Fana.
Bild 4
Both I and my dolls love Hello Kitty…
Bild 3
this ensemble is spiked with some rainbow sock wool that gives the impression of a tiger pattern, which I love.
Bild 1
think pink!

Bild 2 Bild 6 Bild 7

Green ensemble: the top is made of an acrylic wool blend and the tights and shoes are norwegian sock wool called Drops Fabel.


Knitting update: Wool socks for a long winter!

It’s been a while since my last post here! That’s because my daughter, who handles the blog for me was very busy, and also a little lazy…

Anywho, my favorite thing to do all winter long was knitting socks! I used different methods, one of which turned out to be simpler than the regular way. Here’s some of the turnout, three pairs that I gave my daughter for Christmas, since she currently lives in cold cold Norway:

three pairs of socks, two pairs knitted regularly and the one to the right in a “spiral” without an actual heel, all in rainbow sock wool.